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Drawing & Painting

Published June 3, 2021

In this project, students sought to replicate individual panels of an artwork by Kenneth Kerslake depicting a bouquet of flowers (Bouquet, Vitreograph, 1992). The students were encouraged to hone their expressive skills, reconstructing the panels in a manner that was unique to them. The final product demonstrates their creativity and individuality, highlighting the contrast between their different styles and perceptions, and illustrates the diversity that this kind of collaboration facilitates. Play the video below to see the students’ interpretation of Bouquet in colored pencil and scroll down to check out a gallery of paintings created in response to sections of Kerslake’s vitreograph.


“All art is autobiographical. It finds its source within the life of the artist; currents in the stream that spring from the ground at birth, continue through life and disappear from our consciousness at the end. The currents in the stream are the powerful forces of life that carry us along, through swift emotional currents, quiet eddies of peace and contemplation and unexpected tides that arise from seemingly mysterious sources at the edge between inner dream and outer reality and catch us unawares. It is this edge between the solid and the elusive, between the internal life of the spirit and the external coping with the world, where one is always on a transparent ground that interests me.” – Kenneth Kerslake


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