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Upcoming Events and Lectures

MoFA is excited to announce that some of our public programs will be hosted in the digital space and in person this spring! These events are free and open to the public. For virtual events, please register up until the time of the event to receive the link to attend.


Upcoming Events


Make It With MoFA: Watercolors

Join us for free watercolor workshops led by MoFA’s talented museum assistants, Kiki and Natalia! You’re invited to explore the world of watercolor art with dynamic pigments and flowing brushstrokes. Plus, here’s an exciting opportunity: leave your watercolor creations from the workshop in our Freestyle Gallery to display!


These workshops, scheduled for this month and July, are designed for visitors of all levels.

There will be free walk-in workshops! No RSVP needed, just come as you are and immerse yourself in the joy of watercolor painting. The workshop dates are below:



Workshop 1: Saturday, June 22 (12-2pm)

Workshop 2: Saturday, June 29 (12-2pm)



Workshop 3: Saturday, July 6 (12-2pm)

Workshop 4: Saturday, July 13 (12-2pm)