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WJB Gallery

“The great feature of the Gallery is its multivalence. In this situation it becomes a classroom, and not only a classroom but a laboratory for the creative process, and then on top of that it serves its function as an exhibition space where the students’ work is on display for public engagement.”

The WJB Gallery (1085 William Johnston Building) is an 1100-square-foot exhibition space shared and managed by the departments of the College of Fine Arts: Art, Art Education, Art History, Interior Architecture & Design, Dance, Theatre, and the Museum of Fine Arts.  The 24 x 46-foot glass-walled gallery stretches the length of the central five-story atrium in the Johnston Building, providing rich natural lighting and secure but vivid public exposure for exhibitions.

Scroll down the page to see a video walk-through of the Gallery during an exhibition.

All exhibitions in the WJB Gallery are curated by or display works by students of the College of Fine Arts. Faculty and students develop exhibitions in consultation with a gallery committee of representatives from each department and the Museum of Fine Arts.  The scope and timeline of exhibitions varies with the needs and resources of the host department. Previous shows have included extended displays of student-designed furniture, short-term one-artist openings, semester-long curatorial projects, and one-night dance performances.

If you are interested in exhibiting in the WJB Gallery, see Proposals & Installation below.

Current Exhibition

Futures Present Present Futures

February 22, 2020–March 22, 2020

Rob Duarte and students, Art

Exhibition Proposals & Installation

College of Fine Arts faculty and TAs may submit exhibition proposals for review by the gallery committee. We encourage you to check the upcoming timelime and contact your department representative on the committee, in planning your exhibition. Once you are ready to formally propose an exhibition, please submit through our online Proposal Form.

The Gallery committee approves proposals, arranges the schedule, allocates a small budget for supplemental equipment or materials, and supervises a staff of interns who may assist with installation, marketing, and some supervision/guided tours. Requests for staff assistance with installation should be directed to Meredith Lynn, Curator of Galleries. In designing your installation, please refer to the Floorplan and Exhibition Guidelines.

Contact: WJB Gallery Committee Members

Jean Hudson, Committee Chair (Art History)
Jeff Beekman (Art)
Meredith Lynn (MoFA)
Ann Rowson-Love (Art Education)
Nick Parparian (CFA Facilities Officer)
Yelena McLane  (IA+D)

Upcoming Exhibitions

April 2020: Museum Object class exhibition, Kyle Killian (Art History).

April 25–May 9, 2020: Graduating Designers (Interior Architecture & Design).

May 10–June 8, 2020: Visitor-Centered Exhibitions class (Ann Rowson Love and students, Art Education.

June–July, 2020: Dance Photography student work, Meagan Helman (Dance).

October, 2020: Luminous Lookout: Narrative and the Environment, Carrie Ann Baade (Art).

November, 2020: Museum Object, Meredith Lynn and Tenley Bick (Art History).

Past Exhibitions

January 2020: e.merge (Kevin Curry and student works from Digital Foundations, Art)

December 2019: Student Furniture Show (Marlo Ransdell and students, Interior Design)

November 2019: Stories Laid in Stone: Modern Architecture in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (Doron Bauer and students in Museum Object class, Art History).

October 2019: Bauhaus 100 (Yelena McLane and students, Interior Architecture & Design; Art).

August 1 – September 15, 2019: Visitor-Centered Exhibitions class (Ann Rowson Love and students, Art Education.

June–July 2019: Art Education Student Coursework (Sara Scott Shields and students, Art Education).

May 2019: The Final Pin Up, Graduating Designers (Interior Architecture & Design).

April 2019: Treasured Cloth: Women’s Art of Polynesia, Museum Object Class (Kristin Dowell and students, Art History).

March, 2019: Beauty and the Beast Costume exhibition (Colleen Muscha, School of Theatre).

February, 2019: Multimedia Student Work (Kevin Curry, Art).

January, 2019: Flat at its Finest, Student Furniture Show (Marlo Ransdell, Interior Architecture & Design).

November 2018: Interwoven: An Exploration of Native American Basketry, Museum Object class undergraduate exhibition (Kristin Dowell and students, Art History).

October 2018: Light as Form, Video Animation class installation (Keith Roberson and students, Art).

August–September 2018: Reclaiming the Newsstand: The Media as Medium, Visitor-Centered Exhibitions class (Ann Rowson Love and students, Art Education.

June–July 2018: Ding Dong Daddy: The Day-Glo Prints of William Walmsley (MoFA interns/Art History alumni Summer Bias, Hannah Weir, Sumaya Ayad, and Carly Cohen).

May 2018: Graduating Designers (Lisa Waxman and students, Interior Architecture & Design).

April 2018: Regimes of Visuality: Print Culture and Haiti During the Age of Revolution, Museum Object class undergraduate exhibition (Jennifer Baez and students, Art History).

March 2018: Scenic Design Studio Exhibition  (School of Theatre).

February 5–25, 2018:  Visual Cartographic Explorations of a High School Art Room Assemblage, Dissertation exhibition by Jennifer Hamrock (Art Education).

December 12, 2017 – January 29, 2018: Flat at its Finest, Student Furniture Show (Marlo Ransdell, Interior Architecture & Design).

November 16 – December 11, 2017: Museum Object Class Exhibition: The Thrill of the Hunt: Dynamics of Authenticity in African Tourist Arts (Jennifer Baez and students, Art History).

September 28 – November 6, 2017: Kul’ttovary – Bringing Culture into the Soviet Home (Yelena McLane and students, Interior Architecture & Design).

August–September 2017: Label Me: Exploring Identity Through Portraiture: Art Education Visitor Center Exhibitions Class (Ann Rowson Love, Art Education).

July 2017: CFA Showcase: Student work from Art Education, Art History, and Interior Architecture+Design.

May–June 2017: Artful Journeys: A New Chapter in Art Education (Sara Scott Shields, Art Education).

April 2017: Museum Object Class Exhibition: Visions of the Nazca: the Evolution of Painted Images in An Andean Ancient Society (Gabriela Germana, Art History).

March 20–31, 2017: Interactive Dance Technology/ Multimedia Performance (Jennie Petuch, Dance).

March 2017: The Still Point: A Collaboration of Photography and Choreography (Meagan Helman, Dance).

February 2017: Student Furniture Show (Marlo Ransdell, Interior Architecture + Design).

January 2017: Flashpoint: Arranging Chaos, A collaborative artist’s book project of Small Craft Advisory Press (Denise Bookwalter and AB Gorham, Art/SCAP).

November–December 2016: Guardians of Their Art: The Contemporary Peruvian Amazon, Museum Object class (Gabriela Germana, Art History).

September–November 2016: Insights into Interior Architecture + Design Faculty (Jim Dawkins and Yelena McLane, IA+D).

August–September 2016:  Visitor-Centered Exhibitions class (Ann Rowson-Love, Art Education).

June–August 2016: Original Copies: Process, Prints and People, Art Department student prints (Amy Fleming, Art and Isabelle Dunne, MoFA).

May–June 2016: Shaping Spaces, Shaping Lives, Interior Architecture + Design student Show (Lisa Waxman, IA+D).

April 2016: Inked! The Evolution of Print Culture. Museum Object class exhibition of prints donated to the Art & Design Library by Tobias Mostel (Ali Reilly, Art History).

March–April  2016: Extrastatecraft. Student work from Print+Media undergraduate seminar (Joelle Dietrick, Art).

February–March 2016:#tumblingbodies #academiccartographies (Sara Scott Shields, Art Education).

December 2015– February 2016: Intersecting Layers Furniture Show  (Marlo Ransdell, Interior Architecture + Design).

December 2015: Evidence of Interpersonal Relationship. Honors in Major exhibition, graduating artist Christina Anduiza. Opening reception Dec. 7, 6–8 pm.

November–December 2015: This is How it Happened: An Officer’s Perspective on the Okinawa Occupation (1944-1946) Museum Object class exhibition in collaboration with the World War II Institute (Ali Reilly, Art History).

October–November 2015: The Social Selfie Project: A Virtual and Physical Exhibition for Developing Sense of Self, Place and Community (Tom Anderson, Art Education).

August–October 2015: Collectibility: Art and Commodity in the Disney Renaissance (Mery-et Lescher, Art History).

May–July 2015: Doodle: Drawing on Original Diverse Learning Experiences (Ann Rowson-Love and Visitor Centered Exhibitions class, Art Education).

April–May 2015: Bound by Community: An Exploration of Life through Photobooks (Amy Bowman and Museum Object class, Art History).

September–October 2014: Threads: The Quilts of Ms Gussie Beatrice Arnold Hill (Maddie Codling, Art History and Anjali Austin, Dance).

April–September 2014: Student Lighting & Furniture Design (Jill Pable, Interior Architecture + Design).

March 2014: Humanscale Interior Design Student Show (Interior Architecture + Design).

January–March, 2014: Interior Design Student Furniture Show (Marlo Ransdell, Interior Architecture + Design).

August–December 2013: Daily Life in the Late Antique World (Lynn Jones and students, Art History).

May–August 2013: Andre Kertesz (MoFA student interns in Museum Studies program).

February–April 2013: By Hand and By Machine, Interior Design Graduate Furniture Show (Marlo Ransdell, Interior Architecture + Design).

November 2012–January 2013: Leon District Schools student art exhibit, elementary and middle school student work (Dorothy DeMay, Art Education graduate assistant).

August–October 2012: A Studio Journey, Interior Design Student Show (Jill Pable and Steve Webber, Interior Architecture + Design).

May–August 2012: Interior Design Student summer exhibition.

August 2011–April 2012: Herman Miller Mid-Century Modern Furniture (Eric Wiedegreen, Interior Architecture + Design).