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Recent Exhibitions

MoFA maintains an archive of all recent exhibitions. You can email for more information on these past projects.

MoFA's Magnezine

October 5, 2021
Have you visited our Magnezine? Located in the lobby, the Magnezine is the magnetic "refrigerator door" of the Museum, built to display and share small-scale print and ephemera ...

Linda Hall and Becki Rutta's "Social Distance"

August 24, 2021
During quarantine, Linda Hall and Becki Rutta documented the impact of the pandemic on Tallahassee through a series of performances and interventions in local malls, parks, ...

A Shared Body

August 24, 2021
A Shared Body, a shared responsibility, a shared experience, a shared need. As humans, we can impose ourselves onto our waterways through commodification, pollution, and control. ...

Napoleon at the Movies

August 19, 2021
More films have been made about Napoleon Bonaparte than any other figure in history. What is it about this man that intrigued filmmakers, actors, and audiences throughout the ...
Framing with our Eyes: Learning to Look

Framing with our Eyes: Learning to Look

May 17, 2021
In the Spring of 2021, Arts4All resident instructor Amy Richard partnered with Annie Booth, Program Coordinator at the Florida State Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA), to participat ...