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Student Voices

As part of FSU’s campus life, MoFA is in a unique position to showcase the voices of our students, teachers, and alumni. This particular collection of blog posts is the work of MoFA’s student interns. Each intern is encouraged to create a blog post that combines both the current exhibitions at MoFA and their own interests. Below you will read insightful articles about topics such as art history, museum studies, and student creativity. Enjoy our Student Voices!

– Sahara Lyon, BA 2020

Books Are Disappearing, But We Can Help Stop It!

Books Are Disappearing, But We Can Help Stop It!

November 2, 2020
Written by Emelia Porcaro As the world becomes increasingly virtual, it is easy to undervalue the power of touch and the physical interaction we have with our surrounding environm ...
Advice for Fellow Artists

Advice for Fellow Artists

October 6, 2020
Written by Bryson Wheeler The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of pretty much everything. Life looks very different now, and there’s no telling when this wil ...

Madison's Top 5 Art Podcasts

September 22, 2020
Written by Madison Hayes Despite businesses and cultural institutions slowly beginning to reopen, there is still an emphasis on maintaining minimal in-person contact. As we navi ...

7 LGBTQ+ Archives and Collections

July 1, 2020
Written by Elias Larralde The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Pride, the annual celebration for LGBTQ+ people, in New York City. Each June the LGBTQ+ community comes t ...
5 Movie Reviews to Cure Stay-at-Home-Blues

5 Movie Reviews to Cure Stay-at-Home-Blues

May 8, 2020
Written by Mallory Glaser Due to everyone’s current quarantine status, I felt that a ranking of all the art movies (fictional and biographical) that I have stress-watc ...