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Circus Acts!

Published June 24, 2022


I always enjoy working with students on a project, giving them permission to be as creative as they dare.  During our sessions, some students went in like lions, others trepidatious as tightrope walkers, but all found ways to create their own big top attraction.  They faced their fears like a fire eater, kept their concentration like a juggler, and pulled it off with the flair of a gymnast.  I’m proud to call them fellow artists.

-Raymond Jimenez




“The Tiger Circus” by Angenet P.


“The K-9 Circus” by Brayden B.



“One Chance of a Lifetime” by Damian F.



“Come See the Turtles” by Jayden T.



“Amazing Panda Circus” by Joshua E.


“The Big and Little Cat Show” by Lily S.



“Can You Say E…” by Micah M.


“The Clown Circus” by Vincente P.


“The Water Circus” by Erin B.



“Come See the Turtles and Horse” by Ambria S.