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Tree Garland

Published May 1, 2020

We have some great trees in Tallahassee! Make your own tree garland to celebrate our local flora and fauna.

Materials1. Materials: a couple sheets of paper (thick paper works a little better), scissors or an x acto, something to color with, an awl/push pin/needle, string

Cut trees

2. Cut out a triangle and then use it as a template to trace more triangles

Color the triangles

3. Cut out the triangles and color them in! You can do different colors, patterns, shapes… just color both sides.

Cut slits in triangles

4. In half the triangles, cut a slit from the middle of the bottom half way up. On the half, cut a slit from the top point halfway down. Poke a hole near the top of the right side of each triangle.

Make the trees

5. Slide the triangles with slits at the top onto the ones with slits on bottom to make little trees. Be sure the sides with holes are next to each other.

String the trees

6. String up your trees! Tie a square knot to hold the little trees in place on the string.

Hang up your garland

7. Hang up your garland!