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Take a Zoom Break with Annie

Published May 26, 2020

Working remotely has been a transition. We at the museum feel fortunate to have supportive co-workers who are dedicated to finding creative ways to further the Museum’s mission, even under these unusual circumstances. Maintaining a work-life balance from home is tricky though, so this week Program Director Annie Booth has shared some of the things she has enjoyed when not working. She encourages you to take a break from work to learn something new and even laugh. Enjoy!

READING I am currently reading Ta-Nehisi Coates Between the World and Me. I am about half-way through and all I can say is that it is a must-read. Toni Morrison endorsed it as “required reading,” and if that doesn’t convince you to pick it up, what will?

One of my favorite masks in “Masked Heroes: Facial Coverings by Native Artists”. Lily Hope (Tlingit), “Chilkat Protector,” thigh-spun merino and cedar bark warp, merino weft yarns, tin cones, ermine fur. Finger-twined and three-strand braids on an upright frame, with tension controlled by fingers/hands only.

VIEWING I recommend First American Art Magazine’s online exhibition, Masked Heroes: Facial Coverings by Native Artists. You can explore the exhibition by themes including, AbstractionFour-LeggedsFrom the Water,  Plant World,  Two-Leggeds, and Winged Beings. There are so many impressive and intricate masks included in the show and I think the exhibition highlights the importance of responding to our current situation with creativity. In addition, the publication is aware that some Indigenous communities are being greatly impacted by Covid-19 and as a result they highlight several resources you can reference to read and show support.

WATCHING I’ve been enjoying Cuseum’s free, weekly webinars on topics like community engagement, remote internships, the future of museums, and digital initiatives. I love hearing from other experts in my field and I always gather new information each time I tune-in. My favorite part about working in the Museum sector is the sense of community; we are all so passionate about the field and it is times like these I’m grateful for this creativity and optimism.

Squash from my garden.

ENJOYING I am really enjoying working in my yard right now and with the support of my co-worker and master-gardener, Kelly, I started my own little garden. It’s been nice to have something to care for and tend to. All of that watering and attention has paid off – I just harvested my first squash! When I’m not outside, puzzles have been another source of endless entertainment during this time. My co-worker shared Tim Klein’s puzzle montages with me and while I am not yet on that level, I am about to start my third puzzle thanks to Midtown Reader’s no-contact service.

DOING I’ve been enjoying taking long walks in my neighborhood, waving to neighbors, and taking in all of the flowers blooming right now. When I spend time outdoors, I’m reminded of why I love Tallahassee so much.

An inspirational message seen on my walking route. “Stronger together (but 6 feet apart).”

It’s also been fun to research and visit pieces we are featuring for #WalkingArtWednesday. Follow along on Instagram (@fsumofa), as we explore different sites in town where you can see sculptures, murals, mosaics and more. There is some wonderful public art in town and since our favorite arts-organizations have been closed, I appreciate it now more than ever.