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Student Voices

As part of FSU’s campus life, MoFA is in a unique position to showcase the voices of our students, teachers, and alumni. This particular collection of blog posts is the work of MoFA’s student interns. Each intern is encouraged to create a blog post that combines both the current exhibitions at MoFA and their own interests. Below you will read insightful articles about topics such as art history, museum studies, and student creativity. Enjoy our Student Voices!

– Sahara Lyon, BA 2020


Diving into MoFA's Permanent Collection

Diving into MoFA's Permanent Collection

April 19, 2021
Written by Jacob MacDonald The Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA) has a vast Permanent Collection comprised of close to 7,000 objects. As an accredited member of the American Alli ...

The Art of Craft: Handmade Paper (And How to Make it at Home)

April 7, 2021
Written by Cole Hancock Paper is such a commonplace material that we don't tend to think much about its origin. These days, most paper anyone will come into contact with ...

Public Art Appreciation

December 9, 2020
Written by Carly Rudd Art is so expansive that we sometimes forget just how meaningful it can be to local communities. I have chosen three projects that remind me that art can be ...

An Art Administrator's Reading List

November 10, 2020
Written by Courtney Normandin Arts administration is an emerging field where there is more specialization in arts management in nonprofit organizations. A wide-encompassing sector ...
Books Are Disappearing, But We Can Help Stop It!

Books Are Disappearing, But We Can Help Stop It!

November 2, 2020
Written by Emelia Porcaro As the world becomes increasingly virtual, it is easy to undervalue the power of touch and the physical interaction we have with our surrounding environm ...