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MoFA Work Study Student Employee Highlight

Published April 25, 2023

Photo: Autumn Heatrice

Autumn Heatrice is a highly accomplished senior at Florida State University with an impressive academic background in Anthropology and Psychology. Her expertise lies in cultural anthropology and museum studies, with a particular focus on preserving and sustaining collections through collaborative conservation efforts. Her experience working at the Museum of Fine Arts on campus has given her invaluable knowledge and skills in general collections assessment, art handling, conservation documentation, and technical research and writing.

Autumn’s passion for cultural preservation has led her to secure a prestigious fellowship with the Midwestern Art Conservation Center in Minneapolis, where she will collaborate on collections care and conservation efforts. This opportunity will allow her to gain further expertise in her field while working alongside other experts in the conservation community.

Autumn’s future goals include working closely with collections to ensure their quality of sustenance and preservation, as well as non-profit work with organizations like UNICEF. She is also interested in conducting ethnographic research in communities to help identify core problems and implement new laws or revisions that benefit society.

Autumn credits her success in the fellowship application process to the support and guidance of Meredith Lynn and Dr. Amy Kowal, who has provided her with invaluable opportunities and encouragement throughout her academic journey. With her passion for cultural preservation and impressive academic achievements, Autumn is sure to make a meaningful impact in the field of anthropology and beyond.