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Sunrise Of Regret – An Installation and Performance, 11/22, 6-8 pm

Published November 21, 2013

ADVANCED WORKSHOP: Installation with Chuck Carbia is presenting

sunrise-of-regret-poster-blue-text2 Sunrise Of Regret – an Installation and Performance piece will be presented in the installation room at the FSU Sculpture Lab

TIME: Friday, November 22nd 6-8pm   

LOCATION: FSU Sculpture Lab Installation Room

Morgan Bryson / Clark Hawkes / Grant Hitchins / Ellen Holbert / Scotty Johnson / Tessa Kleck / Michelle LaFrance / Mary Lusk / Lindsey Monteiro / Holly Moore / Cassidy Routh / Elisabeth Sclawy-Adelman / Brianna Soldo / Adrienne Tabet / Zachary Weinberg / Samantha Pazos