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Reflections on the Experience from MoFA Interns & Volunteers

Published May 1, 2017
Caption for the single photo: Interns (L2R): Anna, Abby, Cam, Sophie, Grace

Interns (L2R): Anna, Abby, Cam, Sophie, Grace

volunteer voiceMuseums everywhere are grateful for volunteer staff. Volunteers and interns at the Museum of Fine Arts are generally younger than their counterparts at other museums: our personable cadre of volunteer staff are all under 30—probably all under 25—and at least some of it has to do with parking. The Monday-Friday race for parking makes campus museums different from public institutions; we can’t offer any courtesy parking spaces or similar perks, but we can offer a changing schedule at a quick pace and an abundance of interesting projects to those who’d like to spend their charitable hours with us. Education Curator Viki D. Thompson Wylder’s program also accepts motivated high school volunteers: Jasmine Van Weelden began as a high school intern (with a 4.0 GPA) and stayed with us through her college career at FSU (again with a 4.0 GPA); last year she earned her Master’s at the Courtauld Institute in London.

Interns and volunteers at MoFA participate in the research of the Collection writing Object Guides, create sets of questions on each exhibition as handouts for student visitors (“Students Ask Students Questions”), host make-and-take tables at Family Days on the themes of the current exhibitions, visit schools, deliver exhibition presentations for different age-groups, contribute to Teacher’s Packets, and enjoy creative enterprise in proposing ideas and carrying them to completion.

Profiles may be found in the Volunteer Voice. Please click on the above image or link to read the Spring issue with more comments by MoFA’s talented and dedicated volunteers!

Rachel, who worked on the planning for Waging Peace in 2018:

“I do not have any background in art. In fact, I study Physics and Russian here at FSU. Working as a STEM major in the museum has been a challenge. My academics do not require group work or writing papers, but life at the museum relies heavily on these activities. . . . Being involved in day-to-day operations and curating an exhibit at MoFA has enriched my college career significantly.”

Diana, a high school intern:

“I have gotten to work . . . on the main packet for this semester which was on Japanese Textiles and Prints. I learned so much about art that I would never have learned in school . . . . Getting to work alongside the others at the museum has helped me determine that I will attend the FSU School of Fine Arts in the Fall and it has also helped me in determining the path to take once I graduate from FSU.”

Jordyn and Jeanette, Art Therapy students:

“We, as art therapy interns with the FSU Museum of Fine Arts, now meet with eight groups each week at four different sites. Our groups consist of individuals from elementary school to elder care. The Museum brings artwork from the permanent collection to these sites for discussion purposes, and these groups also visit the Museum usually once, sometimes twice, during the semester.”

Mikaila, Dance student:

“I remember exploring Trevor Bell’s work at MoFA during my freshman year as part of my dance composition class. It was a new experience to connect intentions behind movement and paintings. The structure of the space allows for a shift in dynamics to occur. I wanted to understand the way dance can live inside of it. I’ve seen dance works commissioned for museums before, and thought maybe I will one day receive the opportunity to perform at the Museum of Modern Art!”

Honor Roll of MoFA Volunteers & Interns, 2017 Spring: 

Annette Bohn, Lisa Co, Kathryn Floyd, Sophie Leneveu, Abigail Mann, Grace Reynolds, Diana Robertson, Cam Ducilion, Anna Freeman, Rachel Glanton, Mikaila Ware, Nicole Hu, Marisa Andrews, Jeanette Bullock, Jordyn Dooley, Summer Bias, Delaney Ahrens, Michelle Ibarra and Ashton Langrick

Special Thank You to:

Stephanie Antonijuan, Samantha Miker, Volunteer Coordinators