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Katie Kelley Grinell

Published September 13, 2022

Graduate Assistant


(847) 769-5452


Katie Grinell is a fine artist currently based in Tallahassee, FL. She was born in Indiana and raised in Illinois. Grinell’s work explores memories through abstraction by investigating the relationship between darkroom photography, image capturing, and painting. Invested in form and material, the use of objects such as flowers, crochet, sequins, and family textiles connect her reality and abstract work. Her work has analyzed memory, feminism, Jewish art and identity, and the influences of the internet. Grinell also works in non-visual ways for art projects such as administration and web design. As well as contract work for photography. She received her BFA in New Studio Practice (Fine Art), with art history and arts management minors from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Artwork by Katie Grinell


BFA in New Studio Practice from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Minors in Art History and Art Management


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