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BFA Spring Graduating Artist Cristina Echezarreta

Published January 9, 2017

The lives of plants and insects create endless inspiration; this in turn motivates me to experiment with different mediums in my work. Plants and insects are ethereal yet essential to our everyday needs as humans. Biological processes like photosynthesis, pollination, and cellular function are all examined and depicted in my sculptures.

Botany and entomology are tools for inspiration as my work delves to capture what these fields have in common. My work responds to my experiences of studying ecological surroundings, volunteering with beekeepers and exploring nurseries. I am influenced by the delicate and intrinsic natural functions that occur in our natural world. Referencing the complexity of these organisms, both internally and externally, I magnify their attributes at a microscopic and macroscopic level. The focus of my work is to recapture those moments that inspire me most.



  1. “Hive Mind”
  1. “Omnis cellula e cellula” (Artist Statement can be placed on either cell or hive         wall)
  1. “The Archer”:


These prints were created in memory of my father, Eduardo Echezarreta.

After my fathers passing I wanted to relive and remember every aspect of my relationship with him. I have a photograph of my father touching these caladium leaves; in hopes of coping with his passing I screen-printed his poems on the same leaves he once marveled at. In this sense I am able to relive our memories. The lives of plants are much like ours beautiful yet ephemeral. Botanist Léo Errera said, “It should be inspiring: like them, we are the units of a great social body, like them, we can serve and contemplate death with equanimity, subordinating our individual consciousness to collective consciousness. “