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28th Annual Tallahassee International Jurors Name Award Winners

Published August 28, 2013

Carolyn Henne, Associate Dean of the College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance and Art Department Chair and Allys Palladino-Craig, Director of the FSU Museum of Fine Arts named Oren Shkedy and Dana Ruttenberg’s video, Private I’s, as the 1st Award winner and Caroline Earley as the 2nd Award winner of the 28th Annual Tallahassee International.


Oren Shkedy and Dana Ruttenberg, 1st Award winners, are co-founders of ScreensArt and maintain a studio on Tel Aviv, Israel. Shkedy and Ruttenberg comment, “Our collaborative work comes to life at a thin line in space and time which marks the meeting point of our long time individual artitic practies. We seek to give a new dimension to both Dance and Film, to both Motion and Picture. We believe in movement’s ability to move, and in the expressive body as key to understanding, portraying and highlighting something of the human condition”.

Private Is, still from video

OREN SHKEDY and DANA RUTTENBERG, Private I’s, still from video, duration: 22 minutes.


Caroline Earley, the 2nd Award winner, is an Assistant Professor of Art at Boise State University and maintains a studio in Boise, Idaho. Earley explains, “My work explores the physicality of form and the ways in which objects occupy and conform to space, gravity and other objects. Softened and rounded forms created from elemental shapes allude to familiar forms and objects, but elude specificity. Bright colors are reminiscent of Pop Art forms that imply actions,create a silent dialogue between relational elements. Humor is always present in the way that these forms evoke a sense of the familiar and the absurd at the same time.These works “queer” the formalist art object and upend the viewer’s expectations of ‘aesthetic’ form”.


CAROLINE EARLEY, Submerge, ceramic, 9.5 x 20 x 3.5 inches